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Introducing Humphrey the cat

Humphrey the Cat

Hi, my name is Humphrey the cat and I live at one of the most prestigious addresses in the world; Number 10 Downing Street in London.

You know…the one with the large black shiny door, with the policeman and all the journalists and photographers outside, that’s always on the news!  The house itself doesn’t look very big from the front but I can tell you that it has almost 100 rooms inside and is over 300 years old. It also has a beautiful garden at the back of the house with lots of flowers beds, a bronze sculpture and even a vegetable patch.

Downing Street is a really marvellous place to live and I love nothing more than daydreaming, laying on my back looking up at the London sky, on my master’s office windowsill, with the sun streaming through. Sadly, my relaxing life gets interrupted quite a lot as there is always something happening or just about to happen in the house.  There is a constant stream of people rushing backwards and forward visiting my master.

Oh…have I told you about my master? No! Well my master is also the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He has the most important and busiest job in the UK…well, I think he does. He has to make some very important decisions, has to entertain a lot of very important visitors such as presidents and world leaders and he is always holding meetings, conferences, receptions and events. I really don’t know how he finds time to relax.

I always make a habit of greeting him when he arrives back home and once he has made his way from the car to the front door through the countless number of cameras clicking outside.

I love nothing more than jumping into his lap when he is sat at his desk in his office. He does seem to like it when I let him stroke me…I think it takes away some of his stress. We quite often have a little power nap in the afternoon, me on my master’s knee, my master with his feet crossed on top of his desk! And although he does moan that my snoring sounds as loud as a motorbike engine we both enjoy our time together. That is until the phone rings then I am thrown on the floor again! He is such a busy man.

My master often talks to me, thinking that I don’t know what he is saying because I am a cat. I am pleased that he doesn’t know that I can understand because he might then stop telling me his top secrets. And quite often these secrets come in handy for my best friend and top secret agent, James Bone.

I have been on many exciting adventures with James but the last one was the most thrilling and dangerous one of all. A mission to rescue a very important lady, which took us all the way to Italy.

On the whole my life is rather hectic for a cat and sometimes I would love just more time relaxing in the sunshine but I know as long as I have a secret agent as my best friend and the Prime Minister as my master, I don’t think I will be getting much rest!