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Meet the gang

  • dr watson


    “You may have heard of me, I’m a famous private detective. I have a knack for sniffing out the truth”
  • James Bone

    James bone

    “I’m a secret agent, top dog if you will, entrusted with the most dangerous and top-secret of missions.”
  • watson

    Dr Watson

    “I’m a friendly old dog. I live with my master, Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street. At my age, I do like a snooze…”
  • goochi

    Coo Chi Gucci

    “I’m a very fashionable dog, well, what do you expect? I’m Italian. I like to wear sunglasses, even if it’s dark.”
  • Humphrey the Cat


    “I’m the official Downing Street Cat, known to purr like a motorbike and best friend of James Bone.”
  • Adventures of james bone


    “Some people call me a bossy cat but I’ve worked my way to the very top. Now I’m head of CI6, which means I’m James’ boss.”


    “I’m a very British bulldog, named after that Prime Minister Churchill, of course. I live at no. 11 Downing Street with the chancellor of the Exchequer.”