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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

dr watsonWell, hello my fellows…firstly let me introduce myself; I am a bloodhound, famous for my extraordinary sense of smell and exceptional tracking instinct. My name is Sherlock Holmes, although everyone just calls me Holmes, you may do the same.

I am a private detective and people say my mind is like a ‘racing engine’. I love problems to solve, the more bizarre and baffling the case, the better. I have worked as a private detective for many years and I am often called upon to help Scotland Yard and CI6 (Canine Intelligence 6) with some of their more difficult cases.

I live at 221b Baker Street in London with my official partner in crime- solving, Dr. Watson, known as Watson. Watson is a friendly dog and is my best friend, probably my only friend. He is a great assistant and a very good flatmate.  He used to be an army doctor but got injured whilst at war so returned to England and now helps on all my cases.

Watson is getting old, his eye sight isn’t great and I think a visit to Pet Specsavers might help. He is very intelligent although not as intelligent as me. He is very patient but then he needs patience to live with me.  He observes everything and he is can still manage the odd flip or two.

My study overlooks Baker Street and I love spending time there alone so I can solve the latest criminal puzzle. It is lined with books; there are books on the table, on the floor and even my telephone has a pile of books balancing on top of it. Watson is always saying that I will drown in an ocean of books one day. The carpet in my study is quite worn now as I do like to pace up and down especially when I have a case to solve. I find it helps me think.

I remember one of my most exciting cases; Watson had just moved in with me and we were called down to Dartmoor in Devon to investigate the sighting of a large black beast with glowing fangs. Locals had also reported that they could hear strange howling sounds coming from the moor at midnight. I needed all my skills to discover that the beast was actually the local farmer’s pet hound.

I would love to tell you more about the many cases that I have worked on but I must go now as Watson has just announced that we have a visitor…James Bone, the CI6 secret agent has just turned up downstairs and informed me of an extremely important case that needs my utmost attention.